January Dreams Menu

Luscious clean treats inspired by the beauty of winter

Please read prior to purchase:

Shipping or local pickup only. Prices include ingredients, supplies, labor, and packaging with sacred geometry orgone stickers by SpiritElevations. For additional dishes or quantities/sizes not listed, please email radiantgongimmersions@gmail.com for pricing. Gift boxes and packaging available upon request. All items are come in sealed packaging labeled with ingredients, plenty of protective packaging, and a personal note.

**all items available nut-free, specify any allergies**

all items ALWAYS vegan + gluten + soy-free

All dishes are 100% handmade with organic pure ingredients and prepared with COVID food handling safety measures and all required food safety practices by certified food handler and longtime chef.

Domestic Shipping begins January 25th. All packages shipped priority or 2nd Day Air.


Please contact Sara (850) 255-3690 or radiantgongimmersions@gmail.com with any questions.

Multiple items will ship in the same package. Any overages will be refunded.

Cosmic Dream Cookies

Butterfly Pea + Cacao Butter

LARGE handmade grain-free cookies colored with butterfly pea powder. Choose from cloud, moon, rainbow, large snowflake, large stars, or mix. Available nut-free (no almond flour), please specify at checkout.


100% organic, handmade. Cosmic Dream Cookie coconut flour, almond flour, coconut oil, maple, vanilla, pink salt. Frosting ceremonial cacao butter, cashew, maple, vanilla, salt, filtered water.

Blueberry Lavender White Chocolate Dream Donuts

Butterfly Pea + Cacao Butter Seed Donuts

Full-size raw vegan white chocolate seed donuts made with ceremonial grade cacao butter, wild blueberries, pine nuts, sesame, hemp, lavender, dried flowers, and butterfly pea powder for a dreamy color. Topped with dried bachelor's button flowers and Maldon saltLike a chocolate seed bar in the form of a donut made of floral winter dreams!


100% organic, handmade. Ceremonial grade Peruvian cacao butter, tahini, Four Sigmatic vanilla mushroom protein powder, maple syrup, dried wild blueberries, pine nuts, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, butterfly pea powder, vanilla, dried flowers, lavender essential oil, pinch pink salt.

Reishi "Twix," Bars

Shortbread + Reishi Caramel + Chocolate

Better-than-Twix bars! A perfect grain-free shortbread cookie layer, unbelievably luscious reishi caramel, and a thick chocolate coating. Topped with dried roses and Maldon salt for bars as beautiful as they are healthy and delicious. Each bar is about 3" long. These are very rich and dense, enjoy slowly and with intention.


100% organic, handmade. Shortbread cookie almond flour, coconut flour, maple syrup, coconut oil, vanilla, pink salt. Caramel tahini, maple syrup, coconut oil, medjool dates, reishi mushroom, vanilla, pink salt. Chocolate coating ceremonial grade cacao butter, cacao powder, maple syrup, vanilla, pink salt.

Variety Dream Box

1 large of each item

You get:

(1) Large Cosmic Dream Cookie

(1) Large White Chocolate Dream Donut

(1) Large Reishi Twix Bar

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