• Sara-Eleanor Yarbrough

Gonglang Gongs: 36" Old Wise Earth

Photo from Gongs Unlimited of the 36" Old Wise Earth

Before I sold this 36” Old Wise Earth gong, I probably would’ve said my favorite sales ever were distributing the Paiste Nibiru & Meinl Flower of Life.

What I told my last client was that I don’t believe one gong or gongmaker is “better,” than another. These are not varying qualities of tools like you’d shop for at Home Depot, where there’s one brand that’s best for any job. Each gong has a different use, a different sound, different effect & vibration. Some makers go by elements, some with geometry, some by planets & chakras.

Each is made with very sacred, incredible potential & care.

At this point in my career I’m in a new level of entrancement. I love how much history & magic there is present in gongs & gongmakers.

When I first began to travel & meet makers & producers it literally felt like I stepped into my own fairy tale. What I have done with this art over the years has been beyond anything I could have expected out of finding gongs. 

So this gong?

Rolf Nitsch has been making gongs since 1977, even with working with gongmakers with 30+ years of experience at that time. He left Paiste almost 20 years ago to study sound healing & help Johannes (if you’ve gotten a Tone of Life gong from me, you know who this is!) develop his craft to where it is today for Tone of Life & Sona. 

This gong is so deep, nurturing, absolutely lovely... I can’t wait to share the photo of the magical woman who owns it, along with another beautiful customer who purchased a Sun gong not too long ago. It is truly one of a kind, & an honor to own!

A very special treat at Mandala Yoga in Portland

Above we have this gong's owner, Vani, and another customer Betsy, who got a Sun gong last year. You can see them here with the 36" Old Wise Earth, 32' Paiste Symphonic, a 30" Fire Gong, and 38" Paiste Sun gong!

Additional photos from @gongsunlimited & Aidan McIntyre’s YouTube channel.  PS can you even imagine how stoked I am to see everyone using Olli Hess mallets these days?! Dream come true.

Keep planting seeds & eventually some will sprout!

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