Calendula Cordycep Nut-Free Buttercups [LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY]

Calendula Cordycep Nut-Free Buttercups [LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY]

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Please allow up to one week processing time.


Vegan, nut-free, gluten-free, soy-free


These raw chocolate buttercups are filled with a caramel-like tahini butter  infused with dual-extracted beyond organic Cordyceps Militaris mushroom. They are sweetened with a little maple, ginger, cinnamon, & orange between two thick layers of hand-tempered small batch raw chocolate made with Peruvian ceremonial grade cacao butter.

Cordyceps Militaris  is a unique, bright orange mushroom that functions as a power Qi and lung tonic (think asthma, breathing issues, constriction of chest/lungs). It increases oxygen uptake by up to 30% and is popular with athletes by increasing stamina and endurance. In clinical studies it has an incredible ability to reverse reproductive damage caused by BPA and other endocrine disruptors, beneficial for hormones and genetic support for all genders. 

Orange oil contains the monoterpene #limonene which is a known antibacterial, boosts #immunity , relieve pain, uplift mood, & is packed with #vitaminC . Also found in some cannabis strains for pain relief (lemon kush, etc.) if it smells familiar!

These are smaller than the crystals (and much easier for me to make). They are similar to a peanut butter cup but without nuts or grains.



100% organic. Raw Chocolate Ceremonial grade Peruvian cacao butter, fair trade cacao powder, Vermont maple syrup, Madagascar vanilla extract, pink salt Citrus Tahini Butter tahini (sesame seed butter), coconut oil, Vermont maple syrup, coconut flour, Cordyceps Militaris powdered extract, Ceylon cinnamon, ginger, Madagascar vanilla extract, cardamom, pink salt, wild orange oil Kosmic Koala Flower Sprinkles dried calendula petals.