Shilajit Rose Raw Chocolates

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Mini raw chocolates hand-tempered and mixed with all the terps! Infused with Wild American Shilajit, fresh made rose water, and rose petals. A soft, feminine, and healing blend high in hyaluronic acid to strengthen and rebuild the tissues, especially skin and lining of organs, combined with lovingly harvested small batch Wild American Shilajit collected by one person in the Rocky Mountains. Over 84 known electrically charged ionic minerals, a diverse range of triterpenes and enzymes, fulvic and humic acids for removing everything from radioactive induced damage to metals and acidic waste living in the system. It is the most powerful and gentle adaptogenic substance that translates to “destroyer of weakness,”
Shilajit is created from the compression of decomposing plants, fungi, and other lifeforms between rocks as mountains move and shift. This creates a natural fermentation of these compounds over the course of hundreds to millions of years until a dark, sticky resin is formed that runs down the mountains to reverse effects of radiation and pollution in the earth and plant life, heals the soil, and does the same for humans and animals.
This magic substance is mixed into a hand tempered raw chocolate made with ingredients sourced from small farms in Peru and maple from a very small farm in Vermont. The terps are strong! Not for the weak of heart, only for the herbal mountain warriors.


100% organic, handmade. Tempered Raw Chocolate Peruvian single origin heirloom cacao butter, cacao paste, Vermont small batch maple syrup, vanilla extract, pink salt), Wild American Shilajit, dried rose petals, rosewater.