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TriHarmony under the Trees




Ryan the Lion

Sara Koala


Come help us amplify Harmony on earth as we weave three healing practices into a beautiful braid.  Gong Immersion, Chakra Dance, and Yogic energy will help us heal, grow, and unite! Using the forest as our serene outdoor studio, we will stay physically distant but spiritually in tune and vibrate Love, Peace, and Harmony within ourselves, our community, and our world. 


Optional gathering by the fire with drumming, singing, sharing, intention and release, and light snacks/tea to follow. We encourage you to bring something to offer for yourself, others, and the fire to give back. This could be anything from a wish for peace, a tube of bubbles to blow, dried flowers or leaves for the fire, or a snack. 


Please come a bit early to get oriented, especially if you are not familiar with Sunward woods. We will have someone meet you at the Sunward parking on the street of Little Lake Dr until 3:22 to guide you in. The earlier the better to claim your space as the woods and distanced space are limited. We ask that you park on the street instead of inside the Sunward parking lot out of respect for residents.


Please bring plenty of water, a wish or intention, and more than you think you need to stay warm. A gong immersion is best enjoyed laying down. You will have time to lay out a sleeping bag and get cozy before the gongs begin to sing. An extra jacket and blanket are highly recommended. Better to have more than enough than not enough in this case. We ask for an energy exchange donation of $33 or what you can afford in your present circumstances


Me-Again will offer part of Chakra Dancer (root to heart), a Nia technique routine that stimulates, opens, balances and nourishes the chakras to a beautiful sonic soundscape.  Nia integrates Dance, Martial Ways, and Healing arts for sole/soulful experience to cultivate wholeness. 


Ryan the Lion will offer his Lion’s Eye Intuitive Yoga Flow, a spirit guided flow into the heart of your being to harmonize the mind and body. He will also offer drumming to create a meditative foundation in preparation to receive the gongs.


Sara Koala will offer a 22 minute gong meditation bathed in the thick sound waves of her 6 gongs. Gong baths bring the listener to a state of peace, wellbeing, and coherence that silence the active, logical mind to fully awaken the true essence of unity, harmony, and bliss. When we immerse in these feelings of our true selves, we radiate this from the core of our own hearts to the energy fields (people, plants, and other life) all around us. We will awaken from this dreamy, timeless place back into the woods with Sara’s voice and her harmonium, a gentle transition back into time and space with plenty of time to get peacefully reoriented before the optional fire gathering that will follow.


Please call or text Megan with any questions (734) 417-7020

(850) 255-3690