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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Nutritional & lifestyle programs customized to remineralize & detox based on your body’s individual biochemistry and toxic load. Instead of levels, we use ratios & utilize this test as a full hormone & nutritional panel.
2-4 week turnaround time.

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Magical, handmade organic raw chocolate and botanical desserts. Ships everywhere.

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Wild American Shilajit

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Wild American Shilajit Drops

The easiest addition to your health regimen. Pristine mineral pitch wildcrafted and ultra-purified with enzymes and terpenes preserved. Regulates hormones, restores energy, clears acidity, provides full spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals.

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Mushroom & Tonic Herb Teas

Beyond organic and premium wildcrafted dual-extract mushroom and tonic herb teas. No additives or preservatives. TCM and Ayurveda based philosophy backed by clinical research.

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Mama Amor Ceremonial Cacao

Direct from Guatemala. Made fresh weeks before arrival to Sara's home. Supports women's collective. Incredible superfood high in antioxidants, micronutrients, and direct as well as precursor neurotransmitters.

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About Sara-Eleanor Yarbrough

Sara is a Nutritional Consultant with undergraduate in Biological Psychology and Nursing (2011), and an M.S. in Clinical Nutrition (2019). She is a trained chef and pastry artist, holds over 1000 hours of yoga teacher training, and various other certifications.

In Sara’s early years, she prided herself on doing things quickly and well. She dropped out of regular high school to complete an accelerated route, finishing a year early with a great scholarship to college.

She first wanted to be a Nurse and changed her direction when she took Biological Psychology and learned that emotions and state of being could be explained at a cellular and atomic level. She worked in Neurocognition and Visual Cognition Labs during and after graduation. Her greatest work was an Independent Study supervised by Dr. James Arruda on Evoked Potentials of the Brain. She will never forget how he welcomed her in academically based on her mind and her grades, despite scooting in late to class with knee-high furry platform boots and a face full of piercings every day. Her evoked potentials studies included much of Dr. Arruda’s and Dr. Robert Becker’s work on the electrical fields of the body and their roles in regulation and regeneration. She completed the minors requirements for Substance Abuse, Health Education, Biology, and Studio Art. 


After graduation, her first mission was in graduate Neuroscience. Once she found herself across the country in Michigan with declining health, she began to turn her interests in the human body to food, nutrition, and biochemistry. She completed several years of food science and chemistry, business management, nutrition, and a year long certification in Basics of Medical Biochemistry remote through the University of New England in order to meet the prerequisites and test scores for admission into Stonybrook School of Medicine’s Master’s of Nutrition program, designed for doctors and health professionals.


She completed this remote in the midst of two thriving and successful careers as a gong meditation musician and raw foods culinary arts instructor and private chef. She also had her daughter during that time. The program was completed in 5 years with almost a 4.0. Her masters thesis focused on treatment of metabolic disorders using nutritional protocols.

She created a closed loop system in which Food Intake -> Hormones Released -> State of Being/Emotions -> Desires/Cravings -> Food Intake and so on. This concept suggested that what the body consumes and can absorb from that affects the metabolism and overall health, also influencing what the person feels like eating which then continues the cycle.


Since graduation in 2019, she has worked for several supplement and tonic herb companies, eventually working only for herself as a nutritional consultant and farm-direct healthful desserts chef. She maintains these two businesses alongside homeschooling her daughter, and providing the means and transportation for Onyx’s various interests and education.

She hasn’t stopped continuing her education since, with a focus on minerals, genetics, and more recently the depths of heavy metals toxicology necessary to successfully create development programs using the hair tissue testing.

She has been studying the work of Dr. Eck and Dr. Wilson in bioenergetics, nutritional balancing, mineral interactions, and how to use hair tissue tests in all cases and conditions through their work. She has been taking courses and live coaching through Clark Engelbert (Nutritional Analytics) supported by Dr. Leland Stillman, and now works with Analytical Research Labs.

You can find her playing instruments, vending her creations, and teaching classes at family friendly and nature festivals. She can be hired for private chef, retreat, and pre and postpartum support. With the right fit, she likes to play or vend at monasteries too. 

Gongs and Food

Sara has worked in over a dozen respected farm to table restaurants and organic, gluten-free bakeries.

She attended 4 weeks of Matthew Kenney Culianry before being hired as the pastry chef for their raw restaurant, MAKE Santa Monica. When they closed, she became the online international desserts and culinary nutrition teacher, as well as the basic fine raw cuisine courses. She was a teacher for them for several years, working remote and traveling for gong and chef related gigs. She has guest cheffed and consulted for restaurants and cafes in multiple countries.

She became interested in how sound and music affect the brain while working in a Neurocognition Lab in her undergrad, leading her to the gongs and other therapeutic instruments through Christopher Davis in Clawson, MI in 2012. His sessions and invitation to teach Sara led to a spiritual opening where she felt connected to herself and divine creation in ways she had not known possible.

In the years since then, she did most of her education and income building activities remote to travel and learn how to work with these instruments in both ancient and modern approaches. Several of the instruments she made herself at a workshop in northern Germany, where these meditation style nickel silver gongs originated in the 1970s-1980s.

She has studied and traveled with the world’s original (Don Conreaux) as well as modern well known teachers. She has visited Poland, Germany, and England all multiple times addition to many locations in the US for these studies and collaborations. She has now played for many thousands of people in therapeutic and celebratory settings, including births and deaths, and encouraging a close relationship the greatest and highest powers that be. She carefully selects her bookings to only play the gongs for spiritual, ceremonial, and educational for private bookings and gigs.