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Imaginative, medicinal, & beautiful handmade raw chocolates infused with florals & medicinal mushrooms. Even Shilajit chocolates!

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Wild American Shilajit

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Wild American Shilajit Drops

The easiest addition to your health regimen. Pristine mineral pitch wildcrafted and ultra-purified with enzymes and terpenes preserved. Regulates hormones, restores energy, clears acidity, provides full spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals.

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Mushroom & Tonic Herb Teas

Beyond organic and premium wildcrafted dual-extract mushroom and tonic herb teas. No additives or preservatives. TCM and Ayurveda based philosophy backed by clinical research.

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Mama Amor Ceremonial Cacao

Direct from Guatemala. Made fresh weeks before arrival to Sara's home. Supports women's collective. Incredible superfood high in antioxidants, micronutrients, and direct as well as precursor neurotransmitters.

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