Schisandra + Blue Matcha Sandwich Cookies
Schisandra + Blue Matcha Sandwich Cookies

Schisandra + Blue Matcha Sandwich Cookies

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Vegan, nut-free, gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free


A childhood favorite recreated in a beautifully elegant way. The original cacao butter-based vanilla frosting sandwiched between two heart cookies, colored with organic and sweet schisandra berry and blue matcha (butterfly pea flower). The nostalgia and excitement in these is something out of a storybook. One of my favorite creations to date. 

Schisandra is known to “calm the heart and quiet the spirit.” It speeds up stabilization and homeostasis after significant change, helps integrate new and higher knowledge, and settle into new stages of being.

Schisandra is the only herb that is completely Yin-Yang balanced. It is one of the only plants to exist that contains all 5 five flavors: sweet, pungent, bitter, sour and salty. Flavor is believed to associate with what organs the food activates, making this berry quite intriguing. It is also said to move in all 5 directions of the body and nourish all three treasures (jing, qi, Shen) in TCM. It helps vitamin c circulate for longer periods of time in the body, cleanses the liver, increases vitality, and health of all organs including the skin. Historically, it was prized by emperors and court ladies as a preserver of youth, beauty, and sexuality. It is believed to be a beautifier inside and out.

Spiritually, Schisandra is believed to be good for those finding themselves in scenarios of harmony and unity when they have not yet found that within themselves. 


100% organic, handmade. Schisandra Heart Cookie: Sprouted and house ground buckwheat flour, local maple syrup, coconut oil, coconut flour, tahini, psyllium husk, Schisandra berry powder, ceremonial grade butterfly pea flower powder, vanilla extract. Cacao Butter Frosting: Raw coconut butter, local maple syrup, raw heirloom cacao butter, tapioca starch, vanilla extract, pink salt.