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Classic tempered raw chocolate, except the local maple syrup has been brewed with peony petals I collected from natural and pristine properties around Ann Arbor. Peonies represent bravery, honor, love, and good fortune.

I dehydrated the prettier petals to make a gallon’s worth of peony “sprinkles,” and they look oh so lovely, dreamy, feminine, romantic, and make for poetry in a bite.

The white peony tonic I sell for Cintamani is a 10:1 hot water extract of the root of peonies. It is an ancient & prized menstrual tonic that works by removing stagnant energy from the liver that flows to the uterus. It is a powerful anti inflammatory and cooling yin tonic. Peony is relaxing, an anti spasmodic, relieves pain (I’ve had customers report both physical and emotional relief), and lowers stress like many flowers and their scents do.

I am almost sold out of the large format bars. I have enough petals and syrup left to make plenty of these little chocolates ~ find them on summer menu.
You can also find a recipe using them in the Garam Masala Flower Flax Crackers in the Love by Flowers book that I feel is very outdated and represents an obsolete version of myself. However this time stamp of a collection represents a new birthing of love, flowers, and life for me still. I have about 10 copies left after preorders.

I’m getting a ton of eco thermal liners this weekend so some orders may be delayed as I wait for those.

100% organic, handmade.

Tempered Raw Peony Chocolate: single origin heirloom raw cacao butter, cacao paste, local maple syrup brewed with hand collected peony petals, vanilla extract, pink salt.
Dehydrated hand collected peony petals, Maldon salt.