Pink Astragalus Crystals w/ Rose Cardamom Cordyceps Cream Filling
Pink Astragalus Crystals w/ Rose Cardamom Cordyceps Cream Filling

Pink Astragalus Crystals w/ Rose Cardamom Cordyceps Cream Filling

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This is a highly magical and softly feminine creation, and with it I have quite a bit of interesting information and folklore to share about some of the ingredients.


~ A lot you never knew you wanted to know about astragalus ~

The pristine “white chocolate,” I make is colored with beet powder and has astragalus added into the mix. Astragalus powder is yet, yet astragalus itself is a yellowish root whose name in Chinese means “yellow life energy.” It is a sweet, warming tonic that increases Yang qi.

It is said to protect the body from pathogens by strengthening the outer layer of energy that runs the periphery of the body. In research it has been found to enhance the secretory IgA, which secretes from glands in response to potential allergens and invaders (keeping them “at the periphery,”). This includes tears, mucous, vaginal fluids, gastrointestinal fluids, etc. Stress depletes IgA and food sensitivities and infections rage in the lack of this production. 

It is known to improve quality of life in those with serious health conditions, likely by its ability to improve cellular immunity and provide antibody protection. It is useful for fending off many ailments, viruses, and infections. Interestingly, it is believed to promote upright posture and proper position of the organs. It strengthens the lungs, promotes urination, reduces edema, remedies shortness of breath, inhibits tumor growth, balanced blood sugar, increases fertility and libido, and tonifies the spleen. 

Astragalus is said to be used in magic to protect against hexing spells, psychic attacks, and keep energy grounded and focused during rituals and practices that require concentration. 


The chocolate crystals are made with a base of organic raw heirloom cacao butter and local maple syrup (for those of you that claim white chocolate “isn’t a thing,” the fat of the cacao bean + a sweetener = white chocolate), with the astragalus and beet powder for color (and many nutritive properties + minerals) added in.

The filling is really something to rave about, however with the length of this listing I’ll keep it short. I took rose petals I gathered last year, ground them down into a fine powder, and gently mixed the pure rose powder with ginger, cardamom, Cordyceps, and plenty of pure vanilla extract. The rose powder gives the filling a marshmallowy texture that the normal Cordyceps filling does not, making this one of my favorite fillings I’ve ever made! 

The cream filling is infused with dual-extracted and evaporated Cordyceps Militaris tonic from our tonic shop.
Vegan, nut-free, gluten-free, soy-free. Made with local hulled sesame seed butter to reduce phytate content - tahini is the only nut or seed butter we use, and there is not much in one of these luscious crystals.



100% organic. Pink Chocolate (Peruvian single origin heirloom cacao butter, tahini, four Sigmatic vanilla protein powder (pea, hemp, chia, coconut, and pumpkin protein powders, Chaga, Lion's Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Ashwagandha, Eleuthero, Vanilla Powder, Maple Syrup Powder, Coconut Milk Powder, Pink Himalayan Salt, Monk Fruit), maple syrup, beet powder, astragalus powder, vanilla extract),  Cardamom Rose Cordyceps Cream tahini, heirloom Raw cacao butter, local maple syrup, fresh ground rose powder, coconut flour, dual extracted Cordyceps Militaris, vanilla extract, cardamom, ginger, pink salt