Radiant Jewel 3 Treasures Raw Chocolate Hearts
Radiant Jewel 3 Treasures Raw Chocolate Hearts

Radiant Jewel 3 Treasures Raw Chocolate Hearts

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Vegan, nut-free, gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free


Our signature raw chocolates infused with our Radiant Jewel 3 Treasures Tonic (click here to purchase the tonic) made from batch-tempered raw chocolate that we make and temper to order. Topped with our very own Edible Flower Sprinkles (purchase here) and Maldon salt, as beautiful as they are healthy and delicious.

Hearts are available either as individually wrapped in our standard boxes, or save a few $ with our signature 8-piece raw chocolate gift boxes. They come individually wrapped in beautiful colored foil.


About Radiant Jewel

Radiant Jewel is a comprehensive and balanced formula that replenishes and nourishes all Three Treasures of the being: Jing (foundation), Chi (energy), and Shen (spirit). The herbs in this blend tonify kidneys, strengthen bones, improve flexibility, support adrenals, fortify immunity, support digestion, increase energy levels, enhance brain function, and nourish the spirit.

Radiant Jewel contains within it a classic "Healer's Tea," that usually contains goji, schisandra, licorice, and dendrobium. Dendrobium is the only consumable orchid extract, a beautiful herb that refills the energy of those who are perpetually giving to others by replenishing Jing energy, the deep foundational energy of the body stored in the kidneys. In TCM, this Healer's Tea is expected as a constant brew in acupuncture offices to clear and restore energy of patients before and after sessions. 

This blend is perfect for maintaining wellness in all seasons, through all kinds of life circumstances and stresses. It is a particular selection for those who work as healers and empaths to replenish their energy and restore a sense of vitality, as well as clear themselves if engaged in regular therapeutic exchanges with others. These nourishing herbs are perfect for anyone seeking a balanced longevity tonic that harmonizes all aspects of the being: Jing (your energy reserves), Chi (your daily energy), and Shen (your energy that shines outward).

༄ Beyond Organic Ingredients ༄
Pure Powdered Extracts of:
Reishi*+, Lion's Mane*+, He Shou Wu, Rehmannia, Eucommia, Astragalus, Dendrobium, Red Asparagus, Gogi, Schisandra, and Licorice.
*Pure Fruiting Body Mushrooms, +Dual Extract


100% organic, handmade. Tempered Raw Chocolate (Peruvian heirloom cacao butter, cacao paste, Vermont maple syrup, vanilla extract), Radiant Jewel Tonic (Reishi, Lion’s Mane, He Shou Wu, Rehmannia, Morinda, Astragalus, Goji, Schisandra, Licorice), Edible Flower Sprinkles, Maldon salt