Wild American Shilajit 30mL Drops

Wild American Shilajit 30mL Drops

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**two weeks standard processing time**
30mL Drops, 60 servings
Simply drop 10-15 drops into any drink 1-3 times per day. Use only non-chlorinated filtered water.
 ༄ Wild American Shilajit ༄ 
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Wild American Shilajit is truly unique.

This special and rare mineral supplement is refined from a fulvic acid rich Mineral Pitch wildcrafted from pristine mountains in North America. Handmade in small batches and expertly purified, our Wild American Shilajit provides a unique spectrum of natural ionic minerals, triterpenes, antioxidants, and other micronutrients in a super bioavailable form. Our fully water-soluble & nutrient-dense formula is a supreme longevity tonic offering 22% Fulvic Acid and trace minerals in a highly bioavailable form. We proudly use low temperature processing methods, ultra-fine purification, and independent batch testing to ensure ultimate purity and integrity.


This Shilajit is lovingly harvested by just two people with utmost care for the environment and habitats. We use no chemicals or solvents during collection or purification process. Only steam is used during purification and every batch is tested for purity. Certificates of Analysis are available so that you can confidently enjoy the pure and potent quality of this natural wonder. We are thrilled that this Shilajit comes back 100% clean on our heavy metal testing other than 0.1mcg/kg of arsenic.


Our Wild American Shilajit is available in a traditional concentrated Mineral Resin form as well as an aqueous Mineral Solution blended into pure spring water for ease of use.



Mineral Solution

༄ Easy-to-use diluted drops

༄ 8-12 month suggested shelf life

༄ Violet glass dropper bottle

༄ Made fresh-to-order

༄ 10mL or 30mL bottles

༄ Available in bulk