Wild Blueberry Elderflower & Mint Raw Mini Tempered Chocolate Donuts

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The “herbalist dream donut,”

Designed by Onyx to showcase her favorite things, from the little donut shape to all her favorite ingredients in one little treat. She usually has a stack of these nearby. 

Mini raw vegan raw chocolates filled into baby donut molds to set. Made with pressed mint from our semi-wild regenerative garden, freeze-dried wild blueberries, dried elderflowers, local bee pollen, pine nuts, and a couple cacao nibs for crunch. Like a little chocolate bar in the form of a donut with intensely passionate flavor & texture vibes.


100% organic, handmade. Tempered Raw Chocolate (Ceremonial grade raw cacao butter, cacao paste, maple syrup, vanilla), freeze dried wild blueberries, pine nuts, cacao nibs, local bee pollen, dried elderflowers, fleur de sel salt.